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In preparing for this upcoming campaign, I have been seeking the Bible for inspiration, and one name hit me that most of you wouldn’t even consider.

Noah’s Great-Grandson Nimrod was both a King (of Shinar, or Mesopotamia) and also a “mighty hunter” meaning he was a provider and fearless against unknown odds.

What you may NOT have considered is that he was also an “out of the box” thinker. He had the idea of trying to build something that never existed and was never considered…a tower to Heaven. He was so innovative that he actually managed to get God’s direct attention, which is why the triune God said “Let US go down and confound their language, because the people are now of one mind and NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO THEM!”

Imagine, if we as Republicans became of one mind, there would be NOTHING that would be impossible to us, and no battles that we could not win. Let’s be united in this fight and get God’s attention, and watch Him come down and intervene on our behalf.